Learn how To Live A Healthier Lifestyle Through Fitness Training, Clean Eating And A Positive Mindset.
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Hello! I'm Micki Pauley ...
Fitness coach, Warrior Body founder and motivational speaker.

I have always been active. As a child I was in many sports and even when I wasn't at a practice or a soccer game or a gymnastics meet, you would find me outside riding bikes with my brothers or at my neighbors house shooting some hoops. As I got to college I quickly realized that it was now up to me to get movement in and so I found my love for lifting.

I worked with many different trainers - learning a lot from each one. I started competing in physique competitions in 2012 where I truly found my passion for nutrition. I have delt with anxiety almost my entire life and when the nutrition really became a key part in how I handled my anxiety I was hooked. Since then, I have been able to help many change their lives through nutrition alone. With me, you learn just how important key nutrients to not just feed your body, but also your brain!

Warrior Body began in 2015. It started out as a fun and challenging group fitness class at Viking Performance Training here in Morgantown, WV. As Warrior Body started to grow I noticed that it was doing more than just helping others lose weight and feel stronger - a strong mental aspect was beginning to develop. My warriors minds were becoming stronger and more brave. This directly correlates in how they approached their nutrition and exercise game.

Warrior Body quickly became a family like atmosphere and now today, it has become a movement ... helping hundreds of individuals around the country. Through proper nutrition, functional exercises, building a strong mind, and doing it all with a team of accountability partners- ANYTHING is possible. 

I'm offering you the chance to join my Warrior Body program, start your own transformation and never look back.
What To Expect From the
Highly Effective 8-Week Training Program
Unlimited access to the 8 Week Warrior Body Challenge program. All workouts included. Three per week + additional workouts.
Get Inspired By Other Warriors
Join the Warrior Body community and stay motivated with support from hundreds of workout buddies around the country.
Macronutrient Calculator & Recipe File
I'll supply you with our macronutrient  calculator so you know EXACTLY what foods you should eat during each meal.
Perfect Form Video Techniques
Unlimited access to our library of videos where I show you exactly how to do each exercise with perfect form.
Facebook Group With Other Warriors
Join our Facebook group community of Warriors and get inspired by others who have been in the program for months - years.
Accountability From Our Group & Micki
Be held accountable for staying on target.  Not only will I keep you accountable, so will the other Warriors (because we care).
Always Stay Motivated
Keep track of your achievements by using our 8 week Battle Planner book. By using this journal format tool you can see where you stand.
Train Anywhere, Any Time
All Warrior Body workouts can be done at home with a few basic pieces of equipment, such as kettle bells, bar bells and straps to name a few.
Train Within Your Schedule
With the Warrior Body program, you can get amazing results over the long term with just 45 minutes of training every day.
Testimonials From My Clients
BONUS #1: Surprise Workouts In The Facebook Group
The Warrior Body Challenge is highly effective 8 week training program to get your health back on track!

In addition to everything included, you'll be receiving additional surprise workouts several times a week. I find time to squeeze in additional workouts into our Facebook group, so that it's easier than ever before. Can't get to the gym or looking for something different? Don't worry, I'm always developing new routines to keep you motivated.
BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to the 8 Week Challenge
And part of this offer, you'll be able to follow the entire program whenever you want, as many times as you want. You can adjust the exercises to meet your needs. Make them more difficult or modify them to be easier, whatever you choose. It's the perfect way to add structure to your workouts and give your training a boost!
BONUS #3: Warrior Body Battle Planner eBook
To follow along with your workout, we're going to give all of our online Warriors a downloadable version of the Warrior Body Battle Planner. It's the perfect tool to go hand and hand with our 8 week challenge program.

Inside you'll find 128 pages available to use and keep track of your daily progress with both your workouts and food consumption.
Start Now!
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  • A fun & unique 8 week workout challenge to become a stronger & healthier version of you
  • Plenty of inspiration from over a hundred other warriors who have already been using the program
  • Macronutrient calculator tool to help you determine what foods to eat during each meal & how much
  • Recipe file full of great meals you can cook with ease
  • Step-by-step exercise instructions customized to your fitness level
  • 8 weeks of highly effective workouts to fit your busy lifestsyle
  • Join a global community - Access to our Facebook group full of other warriors from both in-person and online workout programs
  • Accountability from group members and coach Micki Pauley
  • Plenty of motivation to keep you moving on those tough days
  • Available on all devices - Ability to train anywhere at any time using your laptop, phone or iPad
  • Flexible training times so you can fit training around your schedule
  •  Weekly coaching call with Micki to answer any questions you may have during the entire program
  • BONUS #1 Surprise workouts in the Facebook group to keep you motivated
  • BONUS #2 Lifetime access to the 8 week challenge and all the workouts included. Even when we update videos.
  • BONUS #3 FREE downloadable PDF of our Warrior Body Battle Planner so you can track your progress
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